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Plastics. The wonder material that hit the Indian industry in the mid fifties. Adaptable, durable and economical, it swiftly revolutionized agriculture, industry and the household sector. Soon, a need was felt for hi-resilience polymers-engineering plastics. The country was still to indigenise these raw materials on a larger scale. So demand far exceeded the supply. The result was a dependence on imports. And hurdles to cross. Import procedures, licences and custom regulations. Enough to deter the small-scale manufacturer. That was till NPIL came to the rescue. Helping to circumvent such problems. And more important, making stock available at any given moment and that too at competitive prices.
  • Npil-a life-line to imports: From a modest beginning of 100M.T., NPIL today imports 1000M.T. of allied plastic raw materials.
    • Polycarbonate of all grades, including glass-filled grades.
    • Polyacetal-homopolymer and copolymer.
    • Styrene acrylo nitrite (SAN)
    • Polyphenylence oxide (PPO)
    • Polyamides-6 and 66, including glass-filled grades.
    • Acrylic moulding power.
    • LLDPE and LDPE of all grades.
    • PP-homopolymer and copolymer.
    • PS and Hips.
    • HDPE and HM-HDPE: NPOL can be depended on for prompt supplies. And for specific requirements, NPIL is ever ready to offer technical assistance. In the development of dies and selection of suitable grades for each product category.
  • NPIL-a new dimension: NPIL was too committed to stay content. In 1987 the company decided to branch into the manufacturing sector. A deliberate decision that has given the company a unique dimension. The added knowledge of manufacturing plastics gives NPIL a better insight into customer's needs and problems.
    • NPIL has taken to the manufacture of various packaging material. Namely:
    • LD-LLDPE, HM-HDPE and PP bags.
    • Rolls with 4 color flexo printing, automatic cutting and sealing.
    • Lamination/Stretch/Shrink film/Co-extruded film.
    • All this is being carried out at a spacious factory at Daman (near Gujarat). With state-of-the-art technology from S.R.L. Machi, Italy-leaders in extrusion technology. Resulting in an all time high production of 100 M.T. p.m. of HM-HDPE film.
    • The choice of location-Daman gives NPIL a host of benefits-no sales tax for 15 years, no Octroi, no turn-over tax and a subsidised power supply. This makes for low overhead costs further leading to competitive pricing in the market.
    • One successful venture led to another. In the 1988 NPIL started a sister concern-M/s. Nik Ploymer International. A hi-tech step in the manufacture of injection precision moulding from engineering plastics. On a production space of 7000 sq. ft. at Daman. With sophisticated machinery-Windsor-SP-130, SP-180 and SP-300. The total moulding capacity is around 500 M.T. per annum.
  • NPIL-stepping out into exports: For NPIL, the sky is the limit. 1989 saw the birth of yet anther offspring-M/S. Nik Polymer Pvt. Ltd. A further commitment to the nation- exports. Thus contributing to India's earnings in valuable foreign exchange.
    • The first successful venture executed in this direction was an export order worth Rs.20 lakhs for black colored garbage bags. The company is poised for another take off. With export orders valued at RS.2 crores for 800 M.T. of various plastic products for the current year 1992.
  • NPIL-other achievements: The company's proven track record has vrought further gains.
    • Nik Polymer International has been appointed Distributor for Bambay Maharashtra by M/s. ABS Plastics India, for marketing ABS resins. The material is available on demand and can be tailored to meet client specifications with regard to color.
  • NPIL-behind the scenes:
    • The company owes it's rapid growth to a very dedicated team. Piloting every successful venture, is a dynamic Managing Director-Mr. Nitin Mehta. A qualified engineering from Bombay University with this15 years experience in the field of plastics.
    • NPIL is a customer-oriented company. In keeping with this philosophy it employs highly trained and skilled personnel. The factory at KANDIA has a manpower strength of 70, including quality control supervisors. This ensures round the clock production.
    • NPIL's head office is in Bombay. Conveniently located at Andheri, the office is centrally air-conditioned with a floor space of 4,000 sq. ft. Here, a team of 30 professionals look after the import and distribution of various raw materials. Also, sales and exports of end products.
    • The office is also at a convenient distance from most plastic processing units. This makes it possible to supply material at short notice.

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garbage bags, carry bags, LDPE / PP / HDPE films / kolls