PTFE ( Teflon ) Insulated Wires

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Space Application Cables was formed by a group of three young, enthusiastic, pragmatic engineers. Right from the inception of the company, we have been engaged in the manufacturing capacity is our feather in the cap. We are known for our quality consciousness and quick delivery. Ploy Tetra Fluoro Ethylene PTFE (popularly known as Teflon - a registered trademark for the fluorocarbon resin from M/s. Dupont, U.S.A.), was accidentally invented at the R & D laboratory of M/s. Dupont, U.S.A. in 1936. Today, it is one of the most useful engineering plastics in the world. Its excellent electrical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties make it an ideal material for most diverse application. We manufacture PTFE Insulated Wire as per American specification MIL-W-16878, British specification BS-G-210 and other equivalent specifications. For India, the product specifications are governed by Joint Service Specification (JSS) 51034, which defines the product for use in three voltage ranges viz. 250 Volts, 600 Volts and 1000 Volts grade.
  • Range of products:
    • Single/Multi Strand PTFE Insulated hook-up Wires
    • PTFE Insulated R. F. Co-axial cables
    • PTFE Sleeves
    • Twin parallel Baloon Wires
    • Multi core twisted cables
    • Single/Multi core twisted and shielded cables
    • Single/Multi core twisted and Teflon/PVC jacked cables
    • Single/Multi core twisted, shielded and Teflon/PVC jacketed cables
    • Multi pair twisted shielded and Teflon/PVC jacketed cables
    • Double shielded cables
    • Tri-axial cables
    • Thermos Couple Wires
  • Very low dielectric constant unaffected by temperature, frequency and humidity
  • Extremely low dissipation factor unaffected by exposure to humidity
  • Very high dielectric strength unaffected by thermal aging
  • High surface resistance unaffected by thermal aging
  • Higher volume resistively unaffected by thermal aging
  • Very high operating temperature range from -65 Celsius to 250 Celsius
  • Completely resistant to attack by all chemicals except molten alkali metals and a few fluorine compounds at higher temperature and pressure
  • Products are widely used in equipment for:
    • Telecommunication & Electronics equipment
    • Testing Instruments
    • Equipment and general wiring for Aircraft, Aerospace research, Marine applications, Satellites, Radar Systems, Navigation and Atomic Power Stations
    • Wiring in high rise buildings for safety against fire hazards
    • Wiring in high temperature and chemically hazardous zones
    • Avionics
    • Power Plant Control System
    • Instrumentation and Process Control Equipment

Main Products

PTFE ( Teflon ) insulated wires & cables and PTFE ( Teflon ) sleeves