Single Spring Seals

Product ID: SI-205B

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Single coiled compactly designed to ensure efficient handling of liquids containing solid particles like slurries, sludges, sewage, viscous and abrasive materials. Both the faces off such seals are designed to take care of the presence of solid particles in the liquid, which would otherwise damage the mating faces and contaminate the process.
  • Temperature-cryogenics to 200 Celsius
  • Pressure-vacuum to 750psi
  • Speed-6500rpm
  • Sizes-3/4" to 6"
  • Single spring seals are engineered for non-clogging and self cleaning performance especially when handling contaminated liquids.
  • The superior design of these seals helps them handle the considerable axial play of shafts during operation.
  • The compactness of super single-coiled spring seals ensures easy handling, installation and provides trouble-free service with virtually no maintenance.

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