Under Crank Shearing Machine

Product ID: WS-2

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Weldor shearing machines have been designed and developed through structural analysis technique for continuous production, accuracy and repeatability.
Model Cutting cap. In M.S. length x thickness Depth of throat Stroke per minute Table height Table width Front gauge Rear gauge Motor HP/kW Blade length x width x thick. Overall dimension in mm / length Overall dimension in mm / breadth Overall dimension in mm / height
WS-2 1525 x 4 80 50 900 450 600 750 5/3.7 1525 x 63 x 12 2540 2000 1525
WS-3 2030 x 4 80 50 900 450 600 750 7.5/5.6 2030 x 63 x 12 3050 2000 1525
WS-4 2540 x 4 80 50 900 450 600 750 10/7.7 2540 x 75 x 18 3550 2000 1525
WS-5 3125 x 4 80 50 900 450 600 750 12.5/9.5 3125 x 75 x 18 4200 2000 1525
  • Frame: rigid steel frame of weldor shears are optimally designed to avoid weak sections at load supports and is of interlocked design. The ram is guided throughout its length by accurate machined guideways ensuring proper clearance and clean cut.
  • Hold-down system: spring loaded mechanical hold down pads hold the sheet securely, to avoid slipping and bowing resulting in clean square cuts. Hold-down units are provided with oversize pads to avoid impressions on sheet metal on request.
  • Knives: Weldor shears are provided with high quality single segment (HcHcr) knives for longer tool life. Ease in assembling of knife reduces downtime. The knife blades are four edged.
  • Lubrication: all bearing parts and guide surfaces are lubricated through hand-operated lubrication system.
  • Mechanical backgauge: this is a standard equipment provided on all Weldor shears. Scale on the backgauge gives instantaneous reading of distance between shear and back gauge. Thus avoiding errors and maintenance encountered in electronic equipment.
  • Finger guard: fitted in front of hold-down for operator protection without obstructing viewing.
  • Standard accessories: gear & wheel guard, hand operated back gauge, manual lubrication system, T-slot front supporters, front scale gauge, mechanical hold down & instruction manual.
  • Optional accessories: automatic lubrication system, electrical consist of electric motor, starter, V-belts, ball roller or ball transfer, foundation bolts, extension squaring arm.
  • Note: electrical are not under warranty.
  • Power supply: 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles
  • Specification are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All dimensions are in mm.

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