Laminated Safety Glass

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Laminated glass is an extra safe glass and shatterproof that provides ultimate protection. When laminated glass breaks, it will not scattered and blow apart, but it will crack and can not be penetrated. This makes and ideal material when safety is an important factor. Applications range:from windows that protect against break-in to bullet proof screens. Laminated glass is an excellent construction material. Laminated glass contains one or more sheets of flexible, tough and transparent polyvinyl film laminated between two or more sheets of glass through a heating and pressing proces. The polyvinyl film used in laminated glass is perfectly clear and free of any discoloration. Laminated glass is also highly resietant to moisture and heat. The polyvinyl film will not blister or in any way detract from the perfect clarity of the glass sheets.
  • Safety:laminated glass doesn't allow broken pieccs to shatter or drop off if it should be broken but will remain firmly attached to its interlayer film and the glass will remain in its frame, reducing the risk of personal injuries or personal injuries or property damage.
  • Security:laminated glass offers resistance to penetration. This acts as a deterrent to robbers and thieves and protect lives and property.
  • Sound proof:the shear damping performance of polyvinyl film makes it effective in controlling sound transmission.
  • Solar energy control/laminated glass offers:
    • Stable light transmittance.
    • Reduces solar energy transmittance.
    • Reduces cooling loads.
    • Reduces glarc without color distortion.
  • Ultra violet screening:laminated glass filters the ultra violet in protecting valuable furnishing, displays or merchandise from the fading offects of UV radiation.
    • For visible safety.

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