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Best quality rubber roll for industries: We are specialized in printing and industrial rollers which are made to customers specifications.
  • S.B.R. is suitable for caught roll, felt roll, warm roll, bottom roll, scrap roll, banana roll, expander roll.
  • N.B.R. is suitable for lambriek roll, diamond cut roll, top cruch roll, expander roll.
  • SBR (styrene butadiene rubber): Water resistance and abrasion, high elasticity.
  • NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber): Solve resistance, printing chemical resistance, oil resistance, water temperature maximum 125 Celsius.
  • CR (Chloroprene & rubber): high elasticity, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, flame resistance.
  • Hypalon: Water resistance, hot resistance, ozone resistance, chemicals resistance.
  • EPDM: Ethylene propylene dien terpolimer ozone resistance, high temperature resistance, acid & basa resistance.
  • Silicon: high temperature resistance maximum 200 Celsius, anti static.
  • PU (ploy urethane): solven resistance, abrasion resistance.

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