System Controller SC 2012

Product ID: 2012

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N/A 24V/1200A 48V/600A
Input / voltage 220/380V 10% 3Dia. 220/380V 10% 3Dia.
Input / current 100/60A (nominal) 3Dia. 100/60A (nominal) 3Dia.
Input / frequency 45-65Hz 45-65Hz
Input / power factor 0.95 @ nominal input/output 0.95 @ nominal input/output
Input / inrush current None None
Output / number of rectifier + N 1 to 12 1 to 12
Output / nominal default voltage 27.2V 54.4V
Output / voltage step resolution 6mV 12mV
Output / float voltage range 24-27V 48-54V
Output / equalize voltage range 25-30V 50-58V
Output / voltage static regulation 0.5% 0.5%
Output / voltage dynamic regulation
  • Modular system, up to 12 rectifiers
  • Semi-custom design is available by using PD's (peripheral devices)
  • Communication with a PC via RS232 terminal
  • Internal telephone dialer for remote alert via telephone line
  • Large size LCD; keypad for easy operation
  • DC and AC voltages, currents and frequency measurement
  • Battery and load currents measurement
  • Battery fuse monitoring
  • 256 events LOG on a hourly/daily/monthly basis
  • Indoor temperature measurement
  • Double low-voltage-disconnect circuit for extra safety
  • Automatic float/equalize battery charging
  • automatic battery management including auto current limit during charging

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