400Hz Equipment

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Gamatronic's line includes frequency changers and UPS's equipped with 400Hz (input or output), in order to operate equipment working on 50/60Hz frequencies from a power source of 400Hz or to operate equipment working on 400Hz from a regular source of power. Gamatronic is supplying 400Hz equipment to various clients in Israel and world wide.
  • Frequency changer: 50Hz to 400Hz, 5KVA-20KVA
  • UPS: 400Hz to 50Hz, 1KVA-30KVa
  • Project history:
    • 400Hz equipment was sold to the Israeli air craft
    • (Frequency changers), Siemens, Australia UPS's, Elbit
    • (Frequency changer), Israeli, Navy (frequency changers)
  • Applications:
    • Air craft laboratories
    • Ships
    • Testing equipment
    • Radar systems
  • Potential clients:
    • Air craft industry
    • Defense force
    • Shipyards
    • Laboratories

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