1 Phase Micro - Controlled On Line UPS Double Conversion With Static Switch

Product ID: U1000

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The u1000 series employs the latest micro-controller logic of control and measurement to increase reliability and flexibility of operations. The micro-controller feature allows for easy access of critical information through such communication modes as the RS232 terminal to be used with a computer or modem, and a special connector for automatic shutdown management. The u1000 series unit contains a built in true output power analyzer which gives real time indications of the load, such as power, power factor and crest factor of the load currently in use. Utilizing the high power 16 bits micro-controller, the system executes a constant series of self checks that work in synchronization to prevent possible failure and ensure the highest levels of reliability. By using resonant converter technology in the charger, very high efficiency and input power factor are achieved. In addition, low RFI and low harmonic content of the input current make the unit environmentally friendly. The inverter is of the pulse-by-pulse current limiting type, which makes it inherently short-circuit proof.
  • 1.2KVA-2KVA
  • Input
    • Voltage: 230V + 10% - 15%; one phase
    • Current nominal: 1.2KVA: 5A; 2KVA: 7.5A
    • Frequency: 47/63Hz
    • Power factor: 0.95 (nominal)
    • Protection: RFI filter, fused input
    • Power walk-in: 1 sec
  • Output:
    • Voltage: 230V, no dc component due to output isolation traffo
    • Power: 1.2KVA: 1200VA/780W; 2KVA: 2000VA/1200W
    • Regulation: +/-1%
    • Frequency accuracy (inverter in free mode): 50Hz+/-0.1%
    • Frequency tracking range(inverter in sync mode): +/-1Hz, +/-2Hz, +/-3Hz, selectable
    • Protection: overload and short circuit
    • Overload: 125% 10 min, 150% 10sec, 1000% 1 cycle
    • Waveform: sinusoidal
    • Crest factor: 3:1
    • Distortion: max 2% for linear load
    • Efficiency: 84% (dc/ac)
    • Transition time of static switch UPS to and from line: less than 0.5msec
    • Backup time: 10 min. at full load, 30 min. at half load
  • General:
    • Micro-controller: 16 bits type
    • Indications: full status of the UPS including a true output power analyzer on LCD
    • Two stage isolation: between input and output
    • Batteries: 1.2KVA: 5 x 12V/7AH, 2KVA: 8 x 12V/5AH
    • Expected battery life: 5 years
    • Dimensions (mm): 190 x 265 x 540 (W x H x L)
    • Weight (kg) (including batteries): 1.2KVA: 31, 2KVA: 35
  • Environment:
    • Ambient temperature: operating: 0/40 Celsius; storage: -20/60 Celsius
    • Relative humidity: 95% max, non condensation
    • Altitude: 1500m w/o derating
    • EMI suppression: according to EN55022-A
    • UPS standard: IEC 146-4
    • Audible noise:
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  • All specifications given are typical and subject to change without notice

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