Screw - Fastening Robot ( Pick & Place Type )

Product ID: CAST-DH2

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We recommend Cast, because: Sony's desk-top robot, "Cast" has its own history and reputation of the personal FA robot. With its easy-operation and flexibility, Cast has offered various types of performance all over the world. We released new applications now. Consider Cast if you expect more.
N/A Hios Delvo
Screw driver / low-torque type CLFQ-4000 DLV3327-CMN
Screw driver / high-torque type CLFQ-6500 DLV3337-CMN
Power supply unit for screw driver Incorporated into Cast body Incorporated into Cast body
Screw feeding unit Line feeder type Line feeder type
Torque setting range / low-torque type 0.1-0.3N.m 0.05-0.5N.m
Torque setting range / high-torque type 0.39-1N.m 0.2-1.1N.m
Rotation speed (RPM) / low-torque type 8 steps setting among 560-1000 8 steps setting among 550-850
Rotation speed (RPM) / high-torque type 8 steps setting among 440-850 8 steps setting among 350-550
Applicable screw size / low-torque type M2.0-2.6 applicable screw size varies depending on the screw type M2.0-3.0 applicable screw size varies depending on the screw type
Applicable screw size / high-torque type M2.0-3.0 applicable screw size varies depending on the screw type M2.0-3.0 applicable screw size varies depending on the screw type
Applicable screw length below screw head Less than 18mm Less than 18mm
Applicable screw type Machine screws, tapping screws (pan, flat, binding, etc) Machine screws, tapping screws (pan, flat, binding, etc)
  • Work envelop:
    • X axis / Y axis: 350mm
    • Z axis: 50mm
  • Maximum speed:
    • X axis / Y axis: 500mm/s to achieve the function, there is some limitation. Please refer to the specifications document for the details
  • Positioning accuracy:
    • X axis / Y axis: less than 0.02mm
  • Maximum payload:
    • Work: 10kg
  • Resolution:
    • X axis / Y axis: 0.02mm
  • Machine weight: 45kg
  • Operating environmental temperature: 0-~40 Celsius
  • Air pressure: 0.5Mpa
  • Air consumption: 120N l/min
  • Drive method: pulse motor (open loop control)
  • Movement method: PTP
  • Number of axis controlled: 2-axes simultaneous
  • Teaching method: direct teaching through teaching pendant (option)
  • Program capacity: 40 types of operation program
  • Data storage capacity: 4000 points
  • Programming method: built-in
  • Power supply: AC100-120V, 200-240V +/- 10% (switches automatically), 50/60Hz
  • Electrical consumption: 750VA
  • Ready-to-use in the existing production line from day 1
  • CAST can provide many type of application
  • High performance: less-expensive & user-friendly. Can save labor in manual assembly line. Improves productivity and product quality.
  • Compact: human-size compact body. Professional function achieved by human-size robot body. Can save space in the production line.
  • Easy operation: no software programming required. Built-in operation program in robot body or memory card. Easy operation without any professional programming
  • Flexible: capable of 4,000 points maximum. Max. 250 points for each operation program. 2 types of program (front/back loading and unloading) available
  • Multi-application: new types of application released. Less-expensive screw-fastening robot. Newly developed PC board depaneling robot
  • Compact & light-weight design achieved by incorporating the screw driver controller into the Cast body
  • Error detection function is available for torque peah error and screw feeding error
  • 40 kinds of program for different models can be memorized in the Cast body
  • Screwing point can be settled up to 100 points per 1 program
  • Safety note: be absolutely sure to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions to ensure that this product will be used safety
  • The specifications and exterior described in this catalog are subject to change without notice due to improvements

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