Screw - Fastening Robot ( Auto Feeding Type )

Product ID: CAST-DK2

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We recommend Cast, because: Sony's desk-top robot, "Cast" has its own history and reputation of the personal FA robot. With its easy-operation and flexibility, Cast has offered various types of performance all over the world. We released new applications now. Consider Cast if you expect more.
  • Tool specification for Cast-DK2:
    • Screw driver (HIOS) / low-torque type: CLFQ-4000
    • Screw driver (HIOS) / high-torque type: CLFQ-6500
    • Power supply unit for scrw driver: incorporated into Cast body
    • Screw feeding unit: line feeder type
    • Torque setting range / low-torque type: 0.1-0.3N.m
    • Torque setting range / high-torque type: 0.39-1N.m
    • Rotation speed (RPM) / low torque type: 8-steps setting among 560-1000
    • Rotation speed (RPM) / high torque type: 8-steps setting among 440-850
    • Applicable screw size / low-torque type: M2.0-2.6 applicable screw size varies depending on the screw type
    • Applicable screw size / high-torque type: M2.0-3.0
    • Applicable screw length below screw head: less than 18mm, L/D>1.2 (L: length of screw, D: diameter of screw head)
    • Applicable screw type: machine screws, tapping screws (pan, flat, binding, etc)
  • Work envelop:
    • X axis / Y axis: 350mm
    • Z axis: 100mm
  • Maximum speed:
    • X axis / Y axis: 500mm/s to achieve the function, there is some limitation. Please refer to the specifications document for the details
  • Positioning accuracy:
    • X axis / Y axis: less than 0.02mm
  • Maximum payload:
    • Work: 10kg
  • Resolution:
    • X axis / Y axis: 0.02mm
  • Machine weight: 50kg
  • Operating environmental temperature: 0-~40 Celsius
  • Air pressure: 0.5Mpa
  • Air consumption: 120N l/min
  • Drive method: pulse motor (open loop control)
  • Movement method: PTP
  • Number of axis controlled: 2-axes simultaneous
  • Teaching method: direct teaching through teaching pendant (option)
  • Program capacity: 40 types of operation program
  • Data storage capacity: 4000 points
  • Programming method: built-in
  • Power supply: AC100-120V, 200-240V +/- 10% (switches automatically), 50/60Hz
  • Electrical consumption: 750VA
  • Ready-to-use in the existing production line from day 1
  • CAST can provide many type of application
  • High performance: less-expensive & user-friendly. Can save labor in manual assembly line. Improves productivity and product quality.
  • Compact: human-size compact body. Professional function achieved by human-size robot body. Can save space in the production line.
  • Easy operation: no software programming required. Built-in operation program in robot body or memory card. Easy operation without any professional programming
  • Flexible: capable of 4,000 points maximum. Max. 250 points for each operation program. 2 types of program (front/back loading and unloading) available
  • Multi-application: new types of application released. Less-expensive screw-fastening robot. Newly developed PC board depaneling robot
  • Vacuum screw-feeding method enables stable screw feeding
  • 4 kinds of error detection function available
  • 40 kinds of program for different models can be memorized in the Cast body
  • Screwing point can be settled up to 100 points per 1 program
  • Safety note: be absolutely sure to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions to ensure that this product will be used safety
  • The specifications and exterior described in this catalog are subject to change without notice due to improvements

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