SRAM Module

Product ID: P01

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We offer a wide variety of package options such as SIMM, ZIP, DIP and SIP with densities up to 8Mbytes, date widths from x 8- x 32 and access times of 12 to 20ns. Also, we can offer memory module solutions and custom design services.
Organization Part Number
96Kbyte(32Kx24bit) HT3C32K24M/Z(56pin)
512Kbyte(128Kx32bit) HT4C128K32M/Z(64pin), HT4C128K32M(72pin)
1Mbyte(256Kx32bit) HT8C256K32M/Z(64pin), HT2C256K32J(64pin), HT8C256K32M/Z(72pin)
2Mbyte(512Kx32bit) HT4C512K32M/Z(72pin), HT4C512K32MLT(72pin)
4Mbyte(1Mx32bit) HT8C1M32M/Z(64pin), HT8C1M32M/Z(72pin), HT8C1M32MLT(72pin), HT8C1M32MLH(72pin), HT8C1M32FW(100pin)
8Mbyte(2Mx32bit) HT16C2M32M/Z(72pin), HT8C2M32FW(100pin)

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