Non-volatile SRAM Module

Product ID: P03

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Hi-Per NVSRAM Modules range in density from 16Kbits to 2Mbytes with access times of 70 to 120ns, data widths from x 8- x 16. Hi-Per NVSRAM Module uses extremely low standby current CMOS SRAMs, coupled with small lithium coin cells to provide non-volatility without long write-cycle times and write-cycle limitations associated with EEPROM.
Organization Part Number
16Kbit(2Kx8bit) HTNV2K8D(28pin)
64Kbit(8Kx8bit) HTNV8K8D(28pin)
256Kbit(32Kx8bit) HTNV32K8D(28pin)
1Mbit(128Kx8bit) HTNV128K8D(32pin)
2Mbit(256Kx8bit) HTNV256K8D(32pin)
4Mbit(512Kx8bit) HTNV512K8D(32pin)
256Kbyte(128Kx16bit) HTNV128K16D(32pin)
1Mbyte(1Mx8bit) HTNV2M8D(36pin)
2Mbyte(2Mx8bit) HTNV2M8D(36pin)

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