DRAM Module

Product ID: P04

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Hi-Per DRAM Modules range in density from Mbyte to 32Mbytes with 30-pin SIMM or 72-pin SIMM, features Fast Page Mode, EDO Mode and access times of 50 to 60ns. HT8CD4M36BM has a maximum height of 17mm. If you need a low height, Hi-Per can offer a solution.
Organization Part Number
1Mbyte(1Mx9bit) HT3CD1M9BM(30pin)
4Mbyte(4Mx9bit) HT3CD4M9BM(30pin)
8Mbyte(2Mx32bit) HT4CD2M32BM(72pin)
16Mbyte(4Mx32bit) HT8CD4M32BM(72pin), HT8CD4M32BME(72pin), HT2CD4M32BME(72pin)
16Mbyte(4Mx36bit) HT8CD4M36BM(72pin), HT8CD4M36BME(72pin), HT3CD4M36BME(72pin)
32Mbyte(8Mx32bit) HT4CD8M32BME(72pin), HT4CD8M32BME(72pin)
32Mbyte(8Mx36bit) HT6CD8M36BME(72pin), HT6CD8M36BME(72pin), HT18CD8M36BM(72pin), HT18CD8M36BME(72pin)
64Mbyte(16Mx32bit) HT8CD16M32BM(72pin), HT8CD16M32BME(72pin)
64Mbyte(4Mx144bit) HT9CD4M144G(200pin)

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