Flameproof Solenoid Valve

Flameproof Solenoid Valve

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Flameproof Solenoid Valve

Product ID: ALV510F3C5

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ACHEM ALV series NAMUR explosion proof / flameproof solenoid valve is designed and manufactured by us based on advanced air control technology and our special patent technology. The valves armed with "environmentally-protected structure" offer environmental protection against the ingress of liquids, dusts or other foreign matter and provides a constant self cleaning action within every position shift enabling the valves to achieve over a million trouble-free cycles.

All the exhaust ports of this flamespool solenoid valve are connectable, providing better environmental protection. In the family of ALV series NAMUR explosion proof / flame-proof solenoid valves, the stainless steel, aluminum spool valve and the explosion proof coils can be used for the application in any hazardous location and anywhere in the World.

Model No.ALV510F3C5
Product Line ALV Series Namur Valve Controller (Namur Solenoid Valve)
Spool Valve/Body Extruded aluminum with Anodized coated, Buna Sealed
  5/2 and 3/2, CV=1.1, Air ports 1/4" BSPP or NPT
Connection 24x32 Namur connected, Manual override on the Body.
Coil(C4) Aluminium Enclosure 24VDC-3.5W, 110/220VAC-4VA, Ex d IIC T6
Working Environment -25℃~80℃, Outdoor and Indoor
Working Medium 40 micron filtered and dried air at 2~8Bar.
Approved by CE EX ATEX
Followings are the main features of the ACHEM ALV series NAMUR explosion proof / flameproof solenoid valve:
  • Suitable for use of 3/2 NC or 5/2 functions to control double-acting and single-acting pneumatic actuators.
  • Suitable for pilot operated with single/dual (mono/bi-stable) coils and low watt miniature pilot valve.
  • Suitable for use of standard coil or various flame-proof and intrinsically safe coils certified for use in all hazardous areas (Class I, Div. 1&2, Group A, B, C and D, Ex d IICT6)
  • Suitable for use of high temperature (150℃) and cold temperature (-40℃) applications on requiring.

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