ASi Flameproof Controller

ASi Flameproof Controller

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ASi Flameproof Controller

Product ID: ALSD400C1S1AS2

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ACHEM ALSD series ASi Flameproof Controller which was developed and made by AFL Group is an optimizing solution for on/off valve controlling and position sensing in the process industries. In this solution, ACHEM sensor-communication cards are microprocessor based “brains” that mount inside ALS enclosure to deliver position sensing (Hall) and bus networking functionality to open and closed valves. Armed with low watt miniature pilot coil, spool valve, position sensors, and bus communication cards, the ALSD series ASi Flameproof Controller help plants, platforms and pipelines improve productivity and increase safety in the harshest environments and toughest applications.

Based on the standard design of Namur and ISO5211, the ALSD series ASi Flameproof Controller can be mounted on any rotary pneumatic actuators to monitor the valve positions. As for the position sensing of the valve, ASi sensor and DeviceNet sensor are all available in ALSD series ASi Top Valve Controller. As for the on/off valve control, ALSD series ASi Flameproof Controller is suitable for use of 3/2 NC or 5/2 functions to control double-acting and single-acting pneumatic actuators and also is suitable for pilot operated with single/dual (mono/bi-stable) coils.
PRODUCT NAME ASi Top Valve Controller
Enclosure Die-casting aluminum: O-ring sealed
Coating Dichromate conversion with polyester powder coating
O-rings Buna N
Environment NEMA 4,4X,7,8 IP66
Area Classification Class Ⅰ, Div.1&2, Groups A,B,C and D, Ex d IIC T6, Ex II 2G Ex d IIC T6
Fasteners Stainless steel
Shaft Stainless steel Namur
Conduit Entries Two ¾” NPT
  Also available with two ½” or ¾” BSPP,½” NPT, M20-1.5
Pilot Coil Standard C1: 15mm FIM pilot, Orifice 1.1mm, 12,24VDC(﹤2.3W), 110,220VAC(2.8VA)
Pilot Coil Optional C3: 15mm Crouzet pilot, Orifice 0.5mm, 24VDC(﹤1W), Ex ia II C T6
Spool Valve S1: 5/2 Aluminum spool valve, Anodized coated in black
  Single pilot actuated, With manual operator Cv=1.4
  3/2 available with plug
Sensor Standard AS2: Sensor-Communication Card (2 Hall Sensors) with
  AS-Interface protocol, 20-28VDC,
Sensor Optional DN2: Sensor-Communication Card (2 Hall Sensors) with
  DeviceNet protocol, 20-28VDC,
Terminal Strip Contacts 8~12
Mounting Bracket MB – 3.3: 30 x 80, 130 H:20, 30 (Carbon steel)
Working Pressure 1.5~8 bar
Working Medium less than 40µm filtered and dried air
Temperature Rating -20℃-85℃

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