5/2 Solenoid Valve

5/2 Solenoid Valve

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5/2 Solenoid Valve

Product ID: ALV310F2C0

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ACHEM ALV series 5/2 solenoid valve, pipe and/or plate connection version, is a five-way/three-way, two-position solenoid operated and spring return valve. The integral slot throttle structure design and high precision finishing technique for valve and spool allow for positive shifting of air flow with larger CV value than the one of competitor and constant cleaning of the spool with each shift, enabling the valve to stroke millions of trouble-free cycles. The ACHEM ALV series 5/2 solenoid valve is intended for use on all Valves & Controls rack and pinion actuators that incorporate the standard of Namur accessory directional control valve mounting pad (24mm x 32mm rectangle or 40mm x 45mm rectangle).

Followings are the main features of the ACHEM ALV series 5/2 solenoid valve

-1/4” air ports and five way and two position (5/2 or 3/2),

-Namur directly mounting on pneumatic actuator (24×32 or 40×45).

-Manual override on the body.

-Orifice area 25mm2 CV=1.4 or 50mm2 CV=2.79

-Suitable for use in indoor only.

-Suitable for use of the temperature range from -5 to 80℃.
Model No.ALV310F2C0
Product Line ALV Series Namur Valve Controller (Namur Solenoid Valve)
Spool Valve/Body Extruded aluminum with Anodized coated, Buna Sealed.
  5/2, CV=1.4, Air ports 1/4" BSPP or NPT, Manual override on the body.
Connection 24x32 Namur connected
Coil(C0) 12/24/48VDC-2.8W, 48/110/210/220/240VAC-4VA.
Working Environment -5℃~80℃, Indoor
Working Medium 40 micron filtered and dried air at 2~8Bar.
Approved by CE NEMA 4, 4X

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