Miniature Solenoid Valve

Miniature Solenoid Valve

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Miniature Solenoid Valve

Product ID: ALV210F1C0

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ACHEM ALV series miniature solenoid valve is designed and manufactured by us based on advanced air control technology and our special patent technology. The valves armed with direct acting technology offer 3/2 NC function and provide a tiny cubage choice.

This miniature solenoid valve is a best choice for the application to operate angle valve, small pneumatic actuator and control valve. Because of the special spool structure, the device can be directly mounted on the air port of the pneumatic actuator without any adaptor and plate. The explosion proof coils also can be mounted on the product for the application of any hazardous location.

Followings are the main features of the ACHEM ALV series NAMUR stainless steel miniature solenoid valve:

-Directly mount on any pneumatic actuator.

-Direct acting 3/2 NC.

-Manual override on the body.

-Tiny type and suitable for use in indoor and outdoor.
Model No.ALV210F1C0
Product Line ALV Series Miniature Valve Controller (Solenoid Valve)
Spool Valve/Body Nylon6+30%glass fiber, Buna Sealed, 3/2, CV=0.15
  Air port 1/8" or 1/4" BSPP or NPT, Manual override on body
Connection 1/8" or 1/4" screw connected
Coil(C0) 12/24/48VDC-2.8W, 48/110/210/220/240VAC-4VA
Working Environment -20℃~80℃, Outdoor and Indoor
Working Medium 40 micron filtered and dried air at 2~8Bar.
Approved by CE NEMA 4, 4X

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