Valve Limit Switch

Valve Limit Switch

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Valve Limit Switch

Product ID: ALS200M2

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ALS series valve limit switch box, including ALS200, ALS300, ALS400, ALS500 and ALS600 series, were designed and manufactured by AFL Group through advanced state-of-the-art engineering technology and its special patent technology that makes the product solid, beautiful and work with optimum quality. All of the ALS series limit switch fully meet ISO5211, Namur and IP67 standards. The mechanical switch, proximity sensor, magnet sensor, ASi sensor and DeviceNet sensor are all available in ALS series.

Based on 94/9/EC of 23 March, EN13980, EN60079-0:2006 and EN60079-1:2004 production standards, ALS400/500/600 series flame proof valve position limit switch box is certified for use in hazardous areas (Class I, Div. 1&2, Group A, B, C and D, Ex d IIB T6, Ex d IIC T6)). Because of the stainless steel (304/316/316L) enclosure, ALS600 series offer excellent resistance to most corrosive chemicals as well as hazardous industrial atmospheres.
Enclosure Die-casting aluminum: O-ring sealed
Coating Dichromate conversion with polyester powder coating
O-rings Buna N
Environment Type 4, 4X, IP67
Area Classification Standard
Fasteners Stainless steel
Shaft Stainless steel Namur
Conduit Entries Two ½” NPT
  Also available with two ½” BSPP, M20-1.5
Sensor Standard M2: 2 SPDT Honeywell Mechanical Switches , 5A125-250 VAC
Sensor Optional PP22: Two p+f NCB2-V3-No inductive sensor NAMUR (2 wire), 8DCV,
Sensor Optional PA22/3: Two ALPS Inductive sensors (2/3 wire), 10-30 VDC,
Sensor Optional QA23: 2ALMS Magnet sensors (3 wire), 5-240 VAC/DC,
Terminal Strip Contacts 8~12
Mounting Bracket MB – 2.3: 30 x 80, 130 H:20, 30 (Carbon steel)
Temperature Rating -20℃-85℃

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