AquaJet Mobile detoxicating and aerating equipment-2

AquaJet Mobile detoxicating and aerating equipment-2

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Surging cliffside springs to scatter the glistening light of waves

In general condition, it is need to spend much electricity expense to pour water into and out to artificial pools. Due to the expensive cost, normally we do not want to change water frequently; then the water of the pool become stagnant water as a result of being stinky and apt to breed fliers and mosquitoes. Although people will install stationary springs in some places, springs could not improve the pool eco-environment because of immobility. AquaJet is a innovative mobile detoxicating aerating apparatus. AquaJet can solve all above-mentioned problems-activating water of the pool effectively and changing water layers all the time to accelerate the photosynthesis. Moreover, we utilize strength of nature- the sunlight to disinfect the water of the pool and purify the running water purified completely.
In addition to the above function, AquaJet also create another brand-new function-the mobile Cliffside spring. AqauJet can produce beautify the environment of surrounding area and build the pleasing scenery.

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