High Speed Warping Machine

High Speed Warping Machine

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High Speed Warping Machine

Product ID: CMwm-750D

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We supply a selection of warping machine that is ideal for the production of high-strength textile. Wrap is the threads that arrange vertically in a woven fabric, crossed at right angles to the woof. Many people may mix up warp with weft. The tip for identify warp and weft yarn is to find out the selvedge direction. The warp yarn is parallel to the selvedge.

The high speed warping machine is mainly equipped with two parts---creel and head stock. There are three types of yarn tension used to determine uniform tension in running yarn including s type yarn tension, oil type yarn tension and ring type yarn tension. Each device contains some rotatable rollers mounted on the supporting frame.

Furthermore, the model is more powerful than other models of warping machine. It performs with an output of 7.5 hp that can produce up to 600 meters per minute. With high productivity, stable quality but at a competitive price, we make sure that the high speed warping machine will greatly maximize your factory’s productive capacity.

Power: 7.5HP Capacity: 0-600 M/Minute Beam Size: ø 750mm x 750mm *Accepting customer made also 

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