Crochet Machine

Crochet Machine

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Crochet Machine

Product ID: CMck762/B8/B3

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Fabric can be found everywhere in our daily life. They have a wide range of application, the most common of which are for clothing such as suits, jackets, coats, shirts, pants, sweaters, underwear etc. Charming Star always provides practical and revolutionary solutions for today's society way of knitting.

Crochet machine is widely applied in making narrow knitted fabrics like elastics, laces, trimmings, ribbons. The process is to use a special needle with a hook at one end. They are available for all kinds of yarns like polyester spandex, covering, metallic yarn etc. With a specially designed latch needle, the most widely used needle in weft knitting, it has the major advantage of being self-acting or loop-controlled that enables stitch selection to be achieved. In order to make easy control for various pattern and high-quality fancy yarns, they are equipped with 3 sets of weft bar and circle type cutting device.

Technical DataCMck610/B8/B3CMck762/B8/B3
Operation Space 24inch(610mm) 30inch(762mm)
Gauge 15/20 15/20
Weft Bars 8 bars 3 bars, 8 bars
Standard Equipment CMck610/B8/B3 CMck762/B8/B3
2HP Inverter 1 set 1 set
Operating Motor(1.5HP) 1 unit 1 unit
Finished Product Collection Roller on both side 1 set 1 set
Warp and Weft Reed 1 set 1 set
Rubber Feeder System 2 sets 2 sets
Auto Stop Motion System 2 sets 2 sets

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