Multi Function Cone Winding Machine

Multi Function Cone Winding Machine

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Multi Function Cone Winding Machine

Product ID: YH-150

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Metallic yarn covering machine is widely used for covering yarn with twine yarn in embroidery, crochet needs. It is able to twine metallic yarn on cotton thread so as to get various covering metallic yarn. The finished yarn is commonly used to crochet or embroidery products including Upholstery tape, laces, curtains, and so on.


Charming Star is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of textile machines, raw materials, textile commodities, green products and other related services. For MX and MH type covered, this machine is used for fabric weaving and knitting; for ST type, it is embroidery, knitting and weaving. This item can fit various applications. You are welcome to discuss with us about your requirement.

This machine is special in Metallic film slitting, by reasonable design and convenience operated. The function of parallel winding is attached. This is necessary for reflection yarn and metallic yarn process in first step.

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