Rolling Machine

Rolling Machine

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Rolling Machine

Product ID: CMpm-1818

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The rolling machine can be used for wrapping string, twine, cord, thread, yarn, rope, wire, ribbon, tape, etc. onto a spool, bobbin, reel, etc. In textile manufacturing business, this machine is an indispensable item. For weaving needs, the yarn will be wound onto the bobbin in the rolling machine and then used in a shuttle.


Charming Star offers a diversity of textile machinery and other related products. For the packing machine series, there are starching and finishing, vertical packing, and rolling machines for your packaging needs. This machine is equipped with a center roll on which the material is wound up. The edge sensors are mounted on adjustable slides; therefore, you can accommodate many different widths for the rolls. Contact us if you are just looking for one rolling machine!

  • 1 line each time in max 
  • Belt max. width 5/ 8”
  • Max diameter 400Φ, tube max. length 460”
  • Auto-stop if tying-in, no belt or tightening
  • Input yard number, fixed length
  • The count of yard is exact
  • Adjustable extension, individual 1 line control

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