Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine

Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine

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Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine

Product ID: CMcu-U800i / CMcu-2080

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Charming Star offers you the quality and advanced ultrasonic label slitting machine. With stand-up and touch screen interface design, it is easy to adjust and operate, increasing production efficiently. We adopt Swisslands’ Ultrasonic (35KHz) to improve the performance. The ultrasonic handgun can connect the label from one to another roll. What’s more, we use USA’s wed guide to center the label so as to be more accurate on slitting.

We always aim at providing the best machinery to customers. Therefore, all of the bearings and electric parts of this ultrasonic label slitting machine are from Japan and Europe. You can trust on our products’ quality and performance.

 Stand-up design, easy to adjust, increase production.  Using touch screen as interface, more easy to operate  Installed with Swissland’s Ultrasonic (35KHz)  Installed with USA’s wed guide, for centering the labels, more accurate on slitting  Installed with ultrasonic handgun, to connect the label from one to another roll, let the operators more easy to operate and increase the production.  All of the bearings and electric parts are from Japan and Europe. 

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