Fancy Yarn

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Various Kinds of Fancy yarn (such as Slub yarn, RTK, TTK..etc.)

Components and specifications also can be made as per customer's request used in Fashion fabric and Home textile (soft fabric, curtain fabric…)

This products has more styles and add value.

Components and specification can be made as per customer's request.

  • Produce:
    • Slub yarns
    • Knot yarns
    • Centipede like yarns
    • Ladder yarns
    • Yarns
    • Pigtail yarns
    • Colored yarns
    • Big-Belly yarns
    • Chenille yarns
    • Neckline yarns
    • Wave yarns
    • Ping-pong yarns
    • Feather yarns
    • TTK yarns
    • RTK yarns

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