Narrow Fabric Needle Loom

Narrow Fabric Needle Loom

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Narrow Fabric Needle Loom

Product ID: CMb4/65

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This narrow fabric needle loom is developed as for high speed, production, quality, reliability while just cost users very low down time, maintenance, noise, and without costly price. With regard to its great quality, the machine is ideal for many narrow fabric machinery applications such as elastic tape, twill tape, zipper tape, fiber glass tape, ribbon bandage tape, webbings tape, and belts, etc. We are your best choice of narrow fabric needle loom.

The wrap density is 8.9~93 inch. The motor power is 1.5 HP. Users can generate their maximum production amount of high quality fabrics by using our narrow fabric needle loom; namely, this machinery provides you a better possibility to gain efficiency and quality of your product line. In order to meet the market requirement, a variety of thickness and raw material are available.

We are a reputed manufacturer in making various types of textile machineries such as narrow fabric machinery and crochet knitting machine, with over 20 years of experience and professional technique, we constantly produce products with great quality, which perform well during operation and are used in many fields. If you are interested in our machine; please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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