Liquid Packaging Machine (JS-14 Auto Quantitation)

Liquid Packaging Machine (JS-14 Auto Quantitation)

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Liquid Packaging Machine

Product ID: JS-14A

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Liquid packaging machine manufactured by Chung Shan offers the precision of liquid packaging process.
Chung Shan Machinery Works Co., Ltd. is well known in the market for our technical expertise and our liquid packaging machine products are manufactured with strict quality control to guarantee precision and maximum efficiency.
  • Photo-cell controlled printing points tracing system ensures extremely accurate bag forming, sealing and cutting performances.
  • This unit can perform either three sides sealing, four sides sealing or pillow type packaging.
  • Equipped with a product counting device.
  • All components in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel, conforming to sanitary standards.
  • Convenient package size & packing speed are adjustable. Adjustment can be made while the machine is running.
  • The entire procedure from weighing, bag forming, filling and sealing to cutting and packaging is fully automatically operated.
  • Machines can be customized on request.
  • CE
  • ISO 9001

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