Electronic Weighing & Filling Feeding Machine

Electronic Weighing & Filling Feeding Machine

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JS-30 with Storage Tank + Input Conveyor + Continuous Bag Sealer

Product ID: JS-30 Processing Line

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Electronic Weighing & Filling Feeding Processing Line

Chung Shan offers carefully made vertical packing machine that is proper for packing small solid pieces, such as, candies, tablets, screws, and other hardware.

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  • Packing Type:
    • Semi-Auto Processing Line
  • Packing Weight:
    • Max. 5kg (Depends on product density)
  • Bag Size:
    • 50-400mm
  • Bag Length:
    • 50-400mm (other size are available upon request)
  • Packing Speed:
    • 6-12 bags/min. (1 weigher type)
    • 10-24 bags/min. (2 weigher type)
  • The material feeding system is standard and comes with a mixer and an agitator to ensure smooth material feeding.
  • Photo-cell controlled printing points tracing system ensures extremely accurate bag forming, sealing and cutting performances.
  • This unit can perform either three sides sealing, four sides sealing or pillow type packaging.
  • All components in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel, conforming to sanitary standards.
  • Convenient package size & packing speed are adjustable. Adjustment can be made while the machine is running.
  • The entire procedure from weighing, bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting, packaging is fully automatically operated.
  • Machines can be customized on request.
  • CE
  • ISO 9001

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