JS-16A Auger Type Filling & Packaging Machine

JS-16A Auger Type Filling & Packaging Machine

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Auger Filling & Packaging Machine

Product ID: JS-16A

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Auger Filling & Packaging Machine developed by Chung Shan offers powder or granule packing for clinics as well as chemicals for research facilities. Chung Shan machines have obtained ISO 9001-2000 Certifications to ensure the buyers the reliability of its packing machines.

Various machines developed by Chung Shan features different functions including shrink packing, vacuum packing, boxing packing, carton packing, and food packing. Chung Shan has been a professional manufacture of packing machines since 1977 and is experienced in helping its clients in building the perfect packing machine.

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Packing Type: 3 sides seal, 4 sides seal, pillow type seal (one option)
Packing weight: 2-50g (various with product density)
Unfolded film width (W)60-160mm, or customized
Bag Length: (L) 50-110, or customized
Packing Speed: 20-60 bags/min.
Power: 3 phase, 380V, 50/60Hz
  • Auger filling with servomotor control
  • Available for 3 side sealing, 4 side sealing and pillow type packaging. (optional)
  • Excellent for packing non-free flowing or difficult flowing powder
  • The auger is an integrated piece from stainless steel with high filling accuracy. The inaccuracy rate is within +/- 1%.
  • Sealing temperature employs a PID system temperature controller and will maintain stable temperature within ±2°C
  • Able to record up to 20 sets of various parameters for different packing products
  • Equipped with photo-cell device to ensure extremely accurate bag forming, sealing and cutting
  • The entire procedure from weighing, bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting and packaging is fully automatically operated
  • All components in direct contact with packing product are made of stainless steel
  • 50gm ~ 1,000gm / bag specifications available upon request
  • CE
  • ISO 9001

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