High Speed Vacuum Type Banknote Counter

Product ID: 365

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Smart to count mint and poor bill.
Multiplex function, high stable character for counting bill.
Counting Speed approx. 4 seconds/100 notes
Holder Capacity approx. 200 notes
Standard Functions check, batch, free, add, alarm
Optional Functions shutter, stamp
Display dual green led display, accumulative display 5 digits, batching display 3 digits
Note Size Range Minimum 100mm x 50mm, Maximum 200mm x 100mm
Power Supply 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
Power Consumption 420W
Dimensions 375mm(W) x 330mm(D) x 890mm(H)
Weight 49 kgs
  • Control Panel
    • High sensitive membrane panel and large dual green Led display, allowing for easy operation and reading of the results.
  • Shutter
    • Soundproof and dust-proof, the shutter keeps your workplace quiet and clean.
    • The advanced device also ensure your safety by reversing automatically when your hand touch the edge of shutter.
  • Self-Testing
    • Display Test, Solenoid Test, Holder Test, Microswitch Test, Vacuum Air Test and Rotor Test.
  • Easy Movement
    • Floor type counters are more durable than desk-tops, but they are also too heavy.
    • Our 365 can be separated into two parts for easy movement.

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