Friction Type Banknote Counter

Product ID: FC-500

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Type of Counting Method Friction
Dimensions 270(W) x 250(D) x 230(H)mm
Weight 5.5 KG
Power Supply 99~245V / 50~60Hz
Power Consumption 40W
Counting Speed 500~1500pcs / min
Note Size 110 x 50~185 x 90mm
  • Function of Detectors
    • Standard interface RS-232 can apply direct connection with computer and teller's terminals.
  • Option:
    • UV-the authenticity of the banknote is examined under UV ray.
    • MG-superior two wide MG head system.
    • MT-magnetic security thread detection.
    • IR-8-channel infrared detection.
    • IR-2-channel infrared detection.
    • 3D-integtrated length (long side of a note) detection system.
  • Intelligent Error Check
    • In addition to system self-detection function, abnormalities are automatically detected and at the same time corresponding error code appears on batch display for easy handling.

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