D&J Equipment Co., Ltd.
D&J Equipment Co., Ltd and rely mainly on make one set of marking machines of production automation , take the place of workers to serving, do the most intact one for food , beverage , cosmetics , other professional fields
Professional planning , designing, to cooperate and match the whole factory automatic production line equipment. Take the place of no matter worker service take the place of worker , or including worker and material demand outside you entrust only,
Our factory can all serve you .

We are deeply convinced, quality is a kind of specialized attitude, it is important equally that the specialized production product is in charge of with success to a product of specialized marketing. Our specialized product
In charge of and produce , make product Cheng protect experts, have made to order for your products amount body, sell it to the customer safely, make you dash for your achievement carefreely! ! Platform of our company machine
Can use and operate in the unit , can also make the whole automatic line of factory . The sales range spreads all over the areas , such as Southeast Asia , U.S.A. , South America , eastern Europe , Middle East ,etc.. Our company
The automatically controlled personnel with professional quality and professional group of maintenance, make a response for the customer's different demands at any time.