Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine

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Packaging Machine

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Super Heavy-duty in Mechanical Structure

T6 aluminum alloy and stainless steel material are adopted on the machinery body, it looks blazonry and munificent tout ensemble. thus the security is very high

Easy to operate, handy and fast

In the occasion of changing specification, the adjustment is simple and fast! In the event that the radii of the bottles are within the range of ø95 toø135, it shall not be necessary to adjust the cutter knifes, thus the time for changing lines is saved. The Mitsubishi PLC and servo-drive are adopted, and the man-machine interface setting and adjusting are also put in use effectively which makes the operating even easier.
Power source 3P/220V~440V
Change-free knife plate ø115~ø215
Production rate Max 200 BPM
Main motor 2.5KW
Label insertion length Max 200 mm
Range of label thickness 0.04~0.08mm
Material PVC/PET/OPS
Shrink tunnel capacity 5KW~17.5KW
Machine dimensions 4500 x 2000 x 2000
  • Can be operated online with a production line or operated individually.
  • Knife plate and mandrel can be easily changed within few minutes.
  • Powered elevation design. Ruggedly constructed throughout, the machine is suitable for various bottle shapes.
  • Forced insertion design provides high economy. Minimum film thickness is 0.035mm (35 microns)
  • Suitable for square and round bottles requiring a simple setup only.
  • Solid structured machine provides stable label inserting operation.
  • Specially designed knife plate is change-free within the rated specifications. convenient change of specifications without the use of tools.
  • Fully stainless steel construction, features maximum durability and convenient cleaning. Transparent upper lid provides clear visibility for packaging operations.
  • CE

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