Shrink Wrap Machine

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For various production factories, medicinal, food, drinks/beverages, cosmetician and chemical factories..etc.
Model HK-8850
Power source 3P / 220V / 380V
Change-Free knife plate ¢55 ~ ¢95 / ¢95~¢125
Main Motor 2.5KW
Label insertion Length Max. 300mm
Range of Label Thickness 0.035~0.08mm
Materia of Label PVC / PET / OPS
Shrink Tunnel Power 5KW~17.5KW
Machine dimension L.W.H 2600*1100*2000
  • Easy change over of material reel to save time and enhanced safety.
  • Sing driving design ensure mandrel keeping its proper position during feeding. This will offer stable label feeding performance.
  • Optional equipments and accessories for customer to choose. Saving unnecessary expenses.
  • Equipped with a touch screen for user friendly operations. Safety guard provides added safety.
  • Powered elevation design. Ruggedly constructed throughout, the machine is suitable for various bottle shapes.
  • Integrated adjustments for the entire transmission mechanism gives maximum convenience for label specification variation.
  • Can be operated online with a production line or operated individually.
  • Fully stainless steel construction, features maximum durability and convenient cleaning. Transparent upper lid provides clear visibility for packaging operations.

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