High Sped T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

Product ID: HTS-28AU

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1)Special designed for two tracks of printed T-shirt bags making. With Japanese made sequencer which have self-diagnose ability on machine and to control the production procedure to be smoothly and neat.
2)Equipped with film exhaust scanner & film jamming scanner, can stop machine when film run out or jammed and keeps machine smooth & stable operation condition.
3)Japanese made twin clutch/brake system and Italian made twin mark sensor ensure accurate registration of printed film and cutting/ sealing procedure during high speed operation.
4)Special design flap type cooling system to cool down sealing line soon after bags are sealed.
5)Non-tension and air feed system design for stronger sealing strength and smoothing film feeding.
6)Inverter equipped for speed changing system for stable machine speed and avoiding mechanical breakdown.
7)Pneumatic / hydraulic type puncher is adopt on the in-line punching system to ensure each bundle of bags will be punched out quietly.
8)Sealing & cutting device can be turn 180 degree for easy maintenance.
9)Optional attachment, jumbo film stand for film dia. Of 1,000mm can be attached to the machine for enhance machine capability.
Model HTS-28AU Punching Unit
Min. Bag Length 350mm / 13.7"
Max. Bag Length 650mm / 25.6" 650mm / 25.6"
Min. Bag Width 180mm / 7.1" x 2 line
Max. Bag Width 350mm / 13.7" x 2 line 350mm / 13.7" x 2 line
Sealing Thickness 0.010 ~ 0.03mm
Production Rate 80 ~ 120 bags/min x 2 line 80 ~ 120 bags/min x 2 line
Machine Dimension 1,900 x 1,600 x 1,300 2,800 x 1,100 x 1,500

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