Kyang Yhe Corp.
Kyang Yhe group founded in 1964 and has been a excellent needle loom manufacturer. On the strength of rich experiences in specialized field, introduction of high technology from Europe and America, and our own constant R & D programs, we have over the past quarter century played a significant role in Taiwan as a small and medium sized businesses under the guiding motto of trustworthiness, confidence and perseverance. We adopt advanced know-how and do intensive R & D for know-how for better development of international market. Because of the merits of high quality, high speed and high efficiency, our products have won the reputation as well as European products and already been exported to every corner of the world market.
Along with our efforts in production control, material management and with the help of computer-aided design (CAD), we have developed our computer label machine as well. With improvement from needle loom, we have design computer software for the new machine, which are characterized by easy operation in place of the conventional graphic and punching card process, which is virtually complicated. With all design stored inside the floppy disk, we can best meet the demand for modifications and revisions without the necessity of remark. Our machines are the best choice for production of all products in small volume and great varieties in high economic efficiency and have virtually replaced conventional machines and best lived up to technological pace and customers satisfaction.
Our needle loom has become highly reputable both at home and the world over. With our long accumulated hands-on experience along with our top rated design experts and technicians, we presume high degree accuracy and varieties of our products.

Company Profile

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