P.P. P.E. Leno mesh weaving Loom

P.P. P.E. Leno mesh weaving Loom

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Shuttleless Rapier Type Leno Mesh Weaving Loom

Product ID: SIN FON 35-CP

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SIN FON 35-CP Leno Mesh Weaving Loom, is a rapier shuttleless loom that is suitable for loose density mesh netting fabric, like Vegetable Bags, Shading Nets, and Safety Nets, Mosquito Net, Window Screen...etc. relative textiles. Because of the Leno twisting warp motion, the article can less come off, expand and be deformed easily.
Type Max. & Min. Draw-in Width Max. & Min. Draw-in Width Inside-Wall Width M/C Width M/C Width with Creel
Max. m.m./(inch) Min. m.m./(inch) m.m. m.m. m.m.
190 1,800 (71") 1,200 (47") 2,000 3,652 4,152
210 2,000 (79") 1,400 (55") 2,200 3,852 4,352
230 2,200 (86") 1,600 (63") 2,400 4,052 4,552
250 2,400 (94") 1,800 (71") 2,600 4,252 4,752
  • R.P.M.: 220
  • Shedding Motion: Cam transmission, depends on the textiles structure, the quantity of the cam can be from 2 to 8 pieces.
  • Let-Off Motion: Positive Stepless Variable speed let-off motion, Max beam dia.800m/m.
  • Take-up Motion: Central wind-up or batching device, Max cloth roll wind-up dia. is 500 ~ 1,000m/m.
  • Selvage Motion: Leno Selvage / Tuck-in Selvage.
  • Use tappet system for shedding motion and leno selvage.
  • Because of positive let-off motion, the warp tension is very stable as well as the weft density of woven fabrics.
  • By means of special fiber grippers which have light weight, stiffness and anti friction. It can run stability at high speed moving.
  • Max cloth wind-up dia.1,000m.m.
  • Selvage Motion: Tuck-in Device
  • With the heater cutter in the central, it can weave 2 bolts of textiles.
  • It can insert the bind webbing into the textiles at the same time.

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