Corrugated Equipment

Corrugated Equipment

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Corrugated Equipment

Product ID: AFG-12

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The compact corrugated equipment includs single facer (fixed or cassette type), mill roll stand, pre-heater roll, overhead bridge, suction brake, triplex pre heater, double facer,(heating and cooling section), drive roll stand, rotary shear, NC slitter scorer, NC cutter off, auto down stacker, boiler, starch kitchen, air compressors and waste management.   

Besides, the well-designed box making machines has length about 80-120 meters, speed of the corrugated equipment is 120-300 m/min. raw material: kraft paper and medium paper, finished products: through flexo printing slotter or folder gluer, corrugated sheet/paperboard, and other auxiliary machines (rotary or flat die cutter, stitching, lamination, bundling/strapping, testing, baling press, shredder…etc.) to further processed cartons or packaging products.

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  • Speed: 60 m/min.
  • Max. sheet size: 1,100 x 2,300 mm.
  • M/C dimensions: 13.5 x 2.3 x 2.5 m.
  • M/C weight: 78,555 kgs.
  • Power required: 29.5 HP.
  • Min. sheet size: 350 x 825 mm
  • Feeder unit: Unique electronic controlled vacuum feeder to feed paper continuously.
  • Squaring unit: Unique air blowing feature and positive squaring device ensure stable and orderly delivery even under high speed operation.
  • Counter collector feed unit: Advanced vacuum feeder unit delivers folder boxes to the collector unit in a controlled manner. Pre-settable photo electric counter delivers the total count can also be pre-set and automatically recorded.

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