Corrugated Machine

Corrugated Machine

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Corrugated Machine

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A complete corrugator line of the corrugated machine consists of roll stands, preheaters, single facers, overhead bridge, glue equipment, double facer, slitter scorer, cut off equipment and auto down stacker, it will also require service supplies from boiler, starch kitchen, air compressors and waste management. Production of the corrugated machine starts by paper being loaded onto the roll stand, the paper is then heated/ steamed and passed into the single facer, where the flute is formed ad liner paper glues to the flute tips, the single faced web is then transported via the overhead bridge and then heated once more prior to entering the glue unit.

Starch/glue in the corrugated machine is then applied to the bottom flute tip and passed with a bottom liner into the heated double facer. The forming and bonding process is complete on existing double backer by heating and cooling system to from corrugated boards. The board then passes through slitter scorer and cut off equipment, where is slit and cut for the required sheet size. These sheets are then stacked in the down stacker and ready for distribution throughout the factory.  

Established in 1986, we are experienced in providing professional printing equipment for customers worldwide.  With years of experiences, we know how to serve you the best.  No matter what kind of demands, we can do our best, such as ODM service, to meet your needs.  If you are interested in our corrugated machine and related equpiment, please send your inquiry or contact us for more information today! 

  • Invincibility
    • The first company in the world invents and creates the flexo printer slotter machine with flexible manufacture system to raise quality and capacity.
  • Quality
    • Guaranteed by ISO-9001, 2000, through standard manufacturing procedure to accomplish demands for high quality.
  • Safety
    • The equipment is conformed to the CE mark as well as can prevent personnel from occupational hazards.
  • Corrugated machine service
    • Worldwide joint cyber service of Ming Wei stands for our responsibility.

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