Flexo Folder Gluer

Flexo Folder Gluer

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Flexo Folder Gluer

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The flexo folder gluer manufacturer, Ming Wei Paperware Machinery Co., Ltd.. offers state-of-the-art computer production management and output conveyor system controlled corrugated cardboard equipments, flexographic printing machines, and conversion equipments that will produce maximum efficiency. We provide complete design schemes for our flexo folder gluer and other related equipments along with full installation and after-sale service to ensure our clients satisfaction with our equipments.  Die cut cylinder has a matrix of bolt holes for easy of fitting the die cut form. International standard die cut cylinder diameter for ease of fitting wooden die cut form. 

The digital controlled glue head can be micro adjusted. Gluer delivers smoothly, even coating of glue and cleans easily Gluing roller is synchronized with main unit and freewheels when machine is turned to prevent glue from drying and building up on the wheel. Dual paper folding arms of the flexo folder gluer are positioned and can be electrically Micro adjusted. Nylon-core adjustable roller is durable and long-lasting. Feeder belt has springs and shock attenuates to avoid excessive pressure on paper. Includes a stacking and squaring unit. Speed of belt can be Micro adjusted. Length of feed and take-off belts is adjustable. Glue line position and glue yield can be adjusted precisely by controller.

  • A “Low Ink” warning device with audible alarm and warning lamp. 
  • Print cylinders come with positive locking device, ensuring correct positioning of printing plate. 
  • Pedal Switch for easy mounting of plate. 
  • Zero registration, which lines up the Feed Unit, Flexo and Slot/Crease reducing Set Up time and waste. 
  • Precise running register. 
  • Set Up Memory function. 
  • Laser Engraved Ceramic Roll. 
  • Doctor Blade System. 
  • Full Vacuum Transfer. 
  • Required sizes are pre-set via the computer system  
  • Micro adjustments are made from the Unit. 
  • Slotting Unit, Flexo and Feeder have a Pneumatic Coupling/Locking Device, which enables a rapid and efficient opening/closing process. 
  • Optional Double Slotter Shaft. 
  • Hydraulic transmission gears move left/right and forward/back to evenly distribute wear and extend useful life of the anvil. 
  • Scoring depth can be micro-adjusted electrically for longer gear life. 
  • Removable transmission system for easy installation and replacement.
  • Can be connected to all units of corrugated line to become an automatic production line.
  • Auto detection system to reduce waste. 
  • Selectable functions include orders input, alteration and renewal. 
  • Feedback data from the production site that can be used to improve corrugated cardboard production.
  • Turn key corrugated cardboard production packages and services: 
    • Proposal for Turn Key Corrugated Cardboard Production Package: Offer proposal for customers of the necessary items in investing turn key plant, including usage area, equipment, personnel deployment, plant layout, capacity predication, etc.
    • Renovation Package: Included Feeder unit, printing unit. Slotter unit, rotary die cutter unit, Three shaft type to ensure smooth feeding. Oil bath lubricated transmission with variable stroke, for smooth operation. Auto-indexing hunting ratio assures even wheel wear for longer life. Total vacuum control and staggered wheel pattern for better, sheet support/pull.  
  • Offer proposal for manufacture procedure renovation and plant equipment expansion according to customer's existing plant.

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