Product ID: 16 - T.STAR + PAC1630 (1,600mm x 3,000mm)

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The Corrugator is supplied and manufactured by Ming Wei. Taiwan Ming Wei and Sodeme are both Max Group members, who developed together under the global first 1,600 x 3,000 mm computerized bottom print type flexo printer, slotter, and die cutter folder stitching machine in year 2004.

The Corrugator and other featured machines have been displayed in Shanghai show at the end of March in 2005, which highly gives enthusiasm and attracted by the industry field.

With the new Corrugator innovation of Ming Wei and Sdemo folder stitching machine, we give to this machine as T.STAT + PAC 1630, which will provide a brand-new choice for the corrugated packaging field, the new in-line has inevitably becomes the future tendency.

Generally, one complete Corrugator line produced corrugated cardboard and its composed structure components are Mill roll stand, Preheater, Single facer, Overhead bridge conveyor, Glue machine, Double backer facer, NC slitter scorer, Rotary cut-off, Auto stacker and Boiler device etc. Main Production begins start from kraft paper roll infeed into the Mill roll stand and being heated and adjusted humidity of liner paper through the preheater of the Corrugator.

Continue entering into single facer and drive through corrugated roller to form flute shape and finally glued with the other liner paper to become to a single wall corrugated paper. Follow by delivery of single wall corrugated paper through Overhead bridge conveyor and to be heated again by Triplex preheater and apply glue through Glue machine.

The Corrugator must further go under the Double backer facer by heating and cooling system to form complete corrugated cardboard. To later put an end by slitting, scoring and cut off action to make the corrugated board become squared size one by one. The corrugated board now finally after meeting the setting counting of stacks by using the auto stacker machine to count and put the corrugated board in order before delivery.

  • Max. Corrugator machine design speed: 150 sheet/min.
  • Min. feeding size: 400 x 650mm.
  • Max. feeding size: 1550 x 3,000mm (without skip feeding).
  • Max. feeding size: 1,800 x 3,000mm (skip face).
  • Max. printing area: 1,600 x 3,000mm.
  • Cardboard thickness: 2 - 10mm.
  • Print die thickness: 7.2mm.
  • Print cylinder run laterally: 25mm.
  • Printing method: Bottom print type (top folding).
  • Slotter type: Double slotter shaft (upper slots).
  • Creaser type: Two slotter between creasers.
  • Stitching speed: up to 1,400 stitches / minute.
  • Total power: 252HP (189kw).
  • Main motor: 60HP (45kw), synchronized operating with folder stitching unit.
  • Machine dimension: 38m (L) x 6.6m (W) x 3.5m (H) (by 4 colors printer slotter die cutter folding stitching machine as standard).
  • Weight of Corrugator: 135 tons (available as 4 colors printer slotter die cutter as standard).
  • Folder stitching unit was originally produce by Feance - Sodeme equipment, coordinate with Ming Wei first part machine by becomes in-line.

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