Vacuum Loading Machine

Product ID: AV-1

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AV-1 is contained by 1000W, the capacity is 250kg/hr, and the hopper content will be 10 lit. It is used online recycling for plastic injection molding industrial, extrusion molding machine and blow molding machine. It is loading the material in low air pollution and low residual material inside the pipe. It’s is very easy to clean the dusting inside the loader filter, use air-gun to clean it.
Conveying Capacity300 kg/hr
Conveying Length 8 M
Conveying High 4 M
Horse Power 800 W
Motor Model Single-Phase Carbon Brush (220V)
Machine Size L 500 x W 350 x H 500mm
Machine Weight 25 kg
  • Loader polish both loading barrel to eliminate static.
  • High sensitivity, well pressurization test.
  • Low wind resistance.
  • High density filtration.
  • Super-large dust-collect barrel.
  • Polish inside & Outside loading barrel to remove static electricity.
  • Transparency and soft PVC piep Ø38, Ø50...Ø75mm
  • Strong magnetic base.

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