Volumetric Color Dosing

Volumetric Color Dosing

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Volumetric Color Dosing , plastic recycling , Dosing System , Volumetric Color

Product ID: SB-30

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  • Model :SB-30
  • Voltage :1Ø200V~240V/50~60HZ
  • Hopper Content :8lit
  • Screw Diameter :Ø25mm
  • Screw Pitch :14mm
  • Capacity :0.6-6.5kg/hr
  • Power :0.12kw
  • Machine Weight :14.5kg
  • Noise Level :<60db

SIZE A 265mm
SIZE B 265mm
SIZE C 80mm
SIZE D 430mm
SIZE E 130*130mm
SIZE F 130*130mm
SIZE G 50mm
SIZE H 580mm
SIZE I 353mm
Supply Voltage200 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz
Hopper Capacity 15 lit
Screw Dia. Ø17 mm
Pitch 14 mm
Capacity 0.6 ~ 6.5 kg/h
Power 0.12 KW
Weight 14.5 kg
Noise Level < 60db
  • Mechanistic structure designed for rapidly assembling and unassembling.
  • Digital microprocessor and display.
  • Good accuracy with 99 positions of digital potentiometer.
  • Designed with high-speed inspection of material volume.
  • Speedy setting and change in 9 production programs memory.
  • Stabilizing in-feed with fluency makes material supply accurate.
  • Can be coupled with mixer SBM-20.
  • Branded Product.
  • Buyer's Label Offered.

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