Rotary Joint

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Tengxuan rotary joint is well-reputed for its quality. The product provides diversity of applications, such as water, steam and oil. It is helpful for controlling fluid, and is highly employed in heavy industry. Rotary joints are needed wherever high-frequency signals have to be transmitted between a fixed platform and a second platform in continuous rotation.

The Tengxuan components for paper dryers, metal continuous casters have been widely used in home and abroad. The rotary joint made Tengxuan enterprise win great reputation among our customers. It is widely applied to traditional radar technology for air traffic control or anti-missile defense, medical engineering and etc.

Our rotary joints are made of fine brass, aluminum, steel and iron bodies, carbon seals. With advanced design and steady performance, we can assure you the best experience of using the components. Just call or visit our website for detail today!

  • Operating Parameters
    • Speed ≤250 RPM
    • Temperature ≤280 ℃
    • Pressure ≤3.2 Mpa
    • Sizes: 4" -- 6”
    • Regular Model: SC090, SC100
  • ISO9001

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