Lamination Machine for Paper and Woven Cloth Lamination

Product ID: TT/FM65-1400

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  • Lamination width: 400mm~4200mm
  • Lamination speed: 10~100m/min
  • Screw diameter of extruder: Dia65~Dia150
  • T-die width: 1050~4370mm
  • Multiple function, modular design, flexible application, less power consumption, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Double die, reticulate chilling roller and tube turn back device can be chosen for upgrading the products as well.
  • Kraft paper, aluminum foil and other substrate can be used as the composite materials. The main structure of the compound which can be achieved by the machine are 2 in1, 3 in 1 and 4 in 1.

Main Products

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