Aluminum-Plastics Composite Pipe Production Line

Product ID: TT/LS32

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  • Pipe structure: PE + Al tube + PE
  • Welding method: TIG butt welding
  • Consumption
    • Water: 14m3/h
    • Compressed air: 0.4m3/min
    • Inert gas: 20 hours continuous work per standard bottle
  • Pipe size range: Dia32mm to Dia110mm
  • Production capacity: 15 meter/minute
  • Dimension: (L)58m x (W)3m
  • Aluminum tube completely boned with PE leading to reinforced strength
  • Long lasting application life
  • Smooth surface resulting a less water head loss
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Natural gas and chemical liquid conveyance
  • Fully automatic/computerized control system installed

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