PESI Pipe Production Line

Product ID: TT/GP-110

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  • Pipe structure: PE + perforated steel plate + PE
  • Diameter of the screw and L/D ratio: Dia65 / 32:1
  • Production speed: 1~25 m/min
  • Production capacity: 850 km/year
  • Pipe spec:
    • Pipe diameter (mm): Dia50, Dia63, Dia75, Dia90, Dia110
    • Steel strip thickness (mm): 0.5~1.2
    • Pipe wall thickness (mm):4~8
    • Working pressure (mpa): 1.0~3.0 20 degree Celsius
    • Working temperature: -40 degree Celsius~70 degree Celsius ( -40 degree Celsius ~ 110 degree Celsius when heat resistant material is used)
  • DC pulse current with a large power capacity
  • Automatic welding current regulating as a function of the desired hauling speed of steel strip / pipe production speed
  • High-speed hole-punching process working synchronously with a longitudinal cutting machine by feeding ordinary cold rolled steel strip

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