Fully-Automatic XY Tables

Fully-Automatic XY Tables

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Fully-Automatic XY Tables

Product ID: PM-120/CNC6001200

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Fully-Automatic XY tables from Sunrise deliver highly efficient and accurate positioning that will improve your productivity. The controller is easy to learn and operate, so you can begin operations almost immediately. Hydraulic clamps come with a pressure sensor for a strong grip on the material, and come standard on Sunrise CNC tables. More standard equipment, the hydraulic stripper comes with exchangeable plates to suit a variety of punching operations. Ball transfer units on the support table provide smooth material movement, and the cover is complete with an interlock switch for ensured operator safety.

Machine Features

Key Features
  1. Sturdy Frame construction and servo motors driven.
  2. Hydraulic clamps for strong grip of material
  3. Hydraulic stripper with exchangeable plates
  4. Ball transfer units on the support table
  5. Safety covers with interlock switch
  6. Sensor for the air-oil booster to ensure clamping pressure
  7. Adjustable servo motor speed for various material sizes

Controller Features
  1. Four pre-programmed patterns
  2. Store up to 100 programs, each consist of up to 6 patterns
  3. Maximum table travel speed without load: 10m/min
  4. Table accuracy without load: ± 0.05mm  


  • Maximum material (LxWxT): 600x1200x18 mm
  • Table travel range: (X,Y) coordinate (25,45) to (575,1175)
  • Machine punching capacity: 120 tons
  • Maximum hole: Ø40x21 mm
  • Two 500-watt MITSUBISHI servo motors

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