Bending Machine

Bending Machine

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HBM Series

Product ID: HBM-40/HBM-75

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Hydraulic bending machines from Sunrise are the newest addition to the SUNRISE product lines of high quality and reliable hydraulic metal working machines. A wide range of tooling is available to satisfy a variety of bending operations. We also custom design tools for special requirements.

Optional Tooling




Pipe Bending     Plate Bending  


Machine Specification
Cylinder force 40 Tons 75 Tons.
Cylinder stroke length 250mm 350mm
Forward speed (high pressure) 9.6mm/ sec 8.9mm/ sec
Return speed 14.5mm/ sec 9.9mm/ sec
Fixing holes Ø83mmx 1, Ø58mmx 3 Ø118mmx 1, Ø83mmx 3
Bending punch height 200mm 300mm
Bending Machine capacity (single - V die.) 200mmx12mm 300mmx12mm
NC backgauge (HBM-NC models only) 1016mm 1016mm
Optional Tooling 
Punching tool capacity* Ø30mm x 9mm Ø30mm x 15mm
Flat plat shear (W x T)* 170mm x 12mm 170mm x 16mm
Pipe bending range (90° bend)* Ø3 / 8" ~ Ø2" Ø3 / 8" ~ Ø2"
Straightening tool (max. profile)* 200mm 300mm
Flat plate edge bending (W x T)

50mm x 12mm

50mm x 12mm
Working height* 930mm 950mm
Electric power* 5 HP 7.5 HP
HBM Models
Net weight* 880 kgs 1,880 kgs
Gross weight* 990 kgs 2,025 kgs
Machine dimension (Apr. mm)* 1,340 x 760 x 1,185 1,780 x 910 x 1,250
Packing dimension (Apr. mm)* 1,590 x 980 x 1,415 2,050 x 1130 x 1,500
HBM-NC models
Net weight* 1,010 kgs 2,010 kgs
Gross weight* 1,145 kgs 2,190 kgs
Machine dimension (Apr. mm)* 1,340 x 2,015 x 1,185 1,780 x 2,155 x 1,250
Packing dimension (Apr. mm)* 1,590 x 1,330 x 1,415 2,020 x 1,480 x 1,500
  • Excellent repeatability of cylinder stroke accurate to ±0.05mm.
  • Easy to learn programmable control.
  • Name brand electric and hydraulic components ensure reliability of entire machine.
  • Manual backgauge is included for accurate positioning.
  • CE

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